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Emotional Groom Loses It At Altar, Then Camera Captures His Bride’s Reaction



Whenever I’m lucky enough to attend a wedding, I can’t help but watch the bride or groom’s face as they stand waiting at the front of the ceremony. It isn’t just about the wedding itself, it’s also about the emotionally charged months and years that led to this day. It feels like an opportunity for the whole room to share in the unhindered passion and excitement between these two people.

I’ve also always been a huge fan of “first-look” photos — it gives the couple a private moment to see each other for the first time before the day starts moving so quickly. For my husband and I, it was a private minute to celebrate, just the two of us. But nowadays, we have the internet to spread these wedding videos far and wide to brighten someone else’s day — which to me, is even better.

In these six amazing wedding videos, the grooms are so overwhelmed at the sight of their brides that they completely lose their sense of cool. And trust me, you don’t need to know the couple personally to cry right along with them.

6. Groom Breaks Down The Moment His Bride Rounds The Corner

Just as the strings starts to play and his stunning bride comes around the bend, this emotional groom becomes truly overwhelmed by the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Exclaiming “This can’t be real,” his groomsmen and family can’t help but join and support him as he watches her come down the aisle.

Video credit: Discovery Bay Studios

5. Emotions Run Deep As This Groom Sees His Bride For The First Time In The Rain

Oh, this one broke me. Not only can you clearly see and feel the genuine enthusiasm these two share, you also sense the overwhelming love this groom has for his bride when she first appears on their rainy-day wedding. Both in the first-look moment and later as she comes down the aisle, this couple can barely keep it together before saying “I do.”

4. Groom Is Overwhelmed With Emotion The Second His Bride Comes Into Sight

There’s no doubt this groom has waited with great anticipation for this amazing moment. The instant his bride enters the church, he is barely able to focus and fully process the moment — and why should he? Clearly this was an emotion-packed ceremony for everyone present.

3. Overtaken By The Moment, Groom Can Barely Look At His Bride Without Crying

There isn’t a dry eye in the house as this stunning bride walks down the aisle, and the loving groom surely sets the tone. Surrounded by hundreds of family and friends, the groom is unexpectedly overcome by gratitude and joy the moment she enters the church. Luckily he is in good company, supported by his equally emotional and caring wedding party.

2. Overcome By Nerves And Emotions, Groom Breaks Down When Bride Walks Down Aisle

Even on camera, you can truly feel the weight of this beautiful wedding. Beneath billowing trees and surrounded by loving family, this ceremony is breathtaking before it even begins. As soon as the music starts to play and the bride appears, the groom — originally very visibly nervous — breaks down and leans over for support before meeting his bride at the altar.

1. Groom Stunned And Emotionally Overtaken As Bride Appears In Moving Ceremony

Threaded between their personalized vows and loving speeches, this video builds around the 4:43 mark to an overwhelmingly stunning moment, when the groom is overtaken by tears at the sight of his beautiful bride. But the second she’s with him, their enthusiasm re-grounds them both, energizing the remainder of the heartfelt ceremony and making this our number one wedding video.

Video credit: InstagramiTunesLexi Elisha

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